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Geek Inc. Becomes a BonitaSoft Experto Partner

At the end of September, I (Ben Inkster) completed the process to become an Experto BonitaSoft Partner.  Through my company, Geek Inc., I am able to offer advanced work on the BonitaSoft BPMS platform. I am very excited to be working with BonitaSoft. The Bonita BPM Open Source Business Process Management Suite is an incredibly powerful system.  Being […]

Investor Documentation Bonita Process

Names and certain minor details have been changed to protect the privacy of the client whose automated Business Process Management solution is outlined here. Since this is a current project, the client has asked me to maintain privacy. Alta West Capital had a problem: due to recent changes in legislation their practice as a private […]

Electronic On-Board Recorder Prototype

Over the last several years, Ben Inkster has done a number of projects for Eluminor. In 2011, he built an offline reverse geocoding mobile app for them. Since then, Ben has built several versions of the Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) Prototype. Ben Inkster was a part of the team of developers that created the original […]

Nissan USA Mobile App

Critical Mass contracted Ben Inkster to work with the Apps Dev team to develop the web services for the Kony based Nissan USA mobile application.  This mobile app was developed on the KonyOne studio and published as an HTML5 web app.   Ben’s role in this project dealt with the development of the REST API […]

Semi-Automated Lead Generation Process

Bow Tie Websites is my business to develop marketing websites for small to medium sized businesses.  As a part of the sales process, my sales reps contact prospects within their own social networks and offer our web development services. However, we have found that, over time, those social networks tend to become a little dry.  The […] Mobile App

The mobile app is an audio and video training system designed to help you get your Internet business up and running fast. The video tutorials are streamed directly from and cover subjects ranging from setting up WordPress to implementing sales funnels and building traffic quickly using search engine optimization. The mobile app implements […]

Offline Reverse Geocoding Mobile App

This app came out of a need to place a particular Android device in a specific jurisdiction.  However, it has to be able to do that without a connection to the Internet.  So, instead of being able to use a tool like the Google Maps API, the system has to have a local database of […]