Semi-Automated Lead Generation Process

Bow Tie Websites is my business to develop marketing websites for small to medium sized businesses.  As a part of the sales process, my sales reps contact prospects within their own social networks and offer our web development services.

However, we have found that, over time, those social networks tend to become a little dry.  The businesses that would like us to create or update websites for them have already used our services.

This leaves us with the problem of drumming up new leads.

Since Bow Tie Websites does not exist in an office, we can’t set up a typical inside sales / outside sales process.

We developed a process that is, to the best of my knowledge, unique in the web development industry.  We use the BonitaBPM user experience web portal to walk off shore virtual assistants through the tasks required to make initial contact with local businesses.  The sales reps are then alerted to the new prospects and can follow up with a phone call or walk in.

This has dramatically increased the volume of prospects that we have to work with – and our sales as a direct result.

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