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There are 3 separate protocols that are all related to e-mail in a general sense. One is strictly for sending mail out and two are for receiving e-mail from the server. Simple Message Transfer Protocol – SMTP Internet Message Access Protocol – IMAP Post Office Protocol version 3 – POP3 What SMTP does is allow […]

Tomcat 7 and disabling CORS

Tomcat 7 is a fantastic Java Servlet container and I’ve used it to serve a number of web applications. ┬áIn addition to serving out web browser content, it can be used to handle an API backend. I ran into a challenge with serving Bonita BPM and the BonitaSoft REST API is the Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) default […]

Blog Kickoff

While project notes and videos are a great way to demonstrate completed projects, they are not a good way to hold onto notes about “test projects” and experiments that ultimately do not see the light of day. My hope is that this blog will allow me to post technical and non-technical musings, discoveries and notes […]