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Geek Inc Website

Geek Inc is my company. All my consulting work is done through Geek Inc. At the end of 2010, I incorporated the company and set up a website to advertise the services that I (now, we) offer. The website is built on WordPress with a customized, responsive theme. It is optimized on-site for the major […]

Westbrook Mall Website Overhaul

Westbrook Mall and the good folks at 20Vic Management asked us to overhaul the Westbrook Mall website to allow them to highlight the various businesses in the mall and upcoming sales events. The website is based on a Joomla! CMS backend with a customized mall directory system. 20Vic staff can update and feature any content […]

Intelligent Endpoint Digital I/O Web Utility

This web utility is driven from each of the endpoint’s wireless IP. The user logs onto the web page using this IP address and has remote access to the 4 digital outputs and the 4 analog inputs. The output section displays the current state of the four outputs and is able to toggle each of the outputs states, […]

Giusti Group Site Network

The Giusti Group of companies asked us at Gratisites to create websites for each of the businesses in the group that could work together to create a cohesive online presence. We created a website for each of the main businesses (each with their own domain name) then created a main site for the Giusti Group […]

Dovetail Partners Website

Dovetail Partners is a management consulting company in Calgary that wanted to update the look and feel of their website. They had previously had a website based on a content management system and found that it was simply easier to call the web developer up to make changes. With that in mind, we were able […]

SFCRA Shinny Calendar

South Fish Creek Recreation Association needed an online registration system to handle bookings for ice time for shinny hockey. We had previously built their marketing website using the Joomla! CMS system, so we created a custom component to handle the new booking system. This custom component extended Joomla! to allow any registered member to join […]

Condor Petroleum Website Overhaul

Condor Petroleum asked the team at Gratisites to put together a better, easier to manage website to allow their office staff to push content (specifically, press releases) onto their website without the need to have an on-site webmaster. We shifted their existing site over to a Joomla! based CMS and wrote a custom component to […] and

Over 2008 and 2009 I did several different projects for Calforex.  The main marketing website was completely overhauled in March of 2009. In addition to the marketing website, I worked with another developer to set up the Calforex Edge system. This system is built in Visual Studio (various languages) and allows online trading directly into […] Website

The Unofficial Diablo 3 Database was a site that we built as part of the portfolio for MMOS Inc. It was a custom PHP site developed on top of the Codeigniter platform – the backend database used MySQL with query caching. The engine was built with two goals in mind: To return results as fast […]