Current Projects

As a professional developer, I need to keep my skills current and side projects help me to do that.  With every project I learn a new skill or technique to add to my existing toolbelt.  Below, you can find a summary of several projects I’m currently working on.

Bonita Book


Sample Chapters

As a development partner with BonitaSoft, I have found that there is a lack of qualified developers to create functional business processes.  Even working within my own team, I find that an enormous amount of time is spent on the fundamentals of BPM.  So, rather than repeatedly spend hours training several people, I decided to write a book to cover the fundamentals of development with BonitaBPM. ScreenshotWhile the Bonita BPM book covers a huge amount of technical information, some things are easier to learn by example. I have been working on at the same time as the book – adding video demonstrations and downloadable project files to help students get up to speed quickly.