Automated Home Value Estimation System

The RadiusIQ and ContactIQ system was designed to make accurate, automated home value estimations possible online as a lead generation tool for realtors across the USA. The system allows a user to place a small piece of javascript (5 lines) on their website and the estimation form and resulting report appear directly on the Real Estate Agent’s website. RadiusIQ servers handle all data crunching and automated e-mailing that continually bring realtors’ prospects back to check on the updated value of their home.

RadiusIQ was built in PHP on the CodeIgniter framework. The estimation algorithm uses Google APIs to reverse geocode addresses and calculate the home value based on a variety of coordinate-based data points.

Ben Inkster was the software architect and team lead on this project. He designed the system including all data models, APIs, client front-end, client back-end, administrative back-end and e-mail delivery system. There were two other programmers that worked under his direction to bring this product to market.

To get a sense of what the system does, check out the sales video below: